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·       1: Do I have to take my car to the shop with the cheapest estimate?
No. The Orrin B. Hayes, Inc. Body Shop will work with your insurance company. Make sure you work with a collision center that does quality work, not just the least expensive option.

·       2.  Do I have to take my car to the shop my insurance company wants me to!

·        No! You have a right to choose the repair facility that repairs your vehicle.  Not only is it your right to choose, it is the law.  Steering customers to shops other than their choice is illegal.  DON'T LET YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY USE THESE KNOWN SCARE TACTICS WHEN  YOU ARE FILING A CLAIM: 

·        * the shop you chose is not on our list

·        * the shop you chose is not a preferred provider  

·        * we cannot guarantee the repairs if repaired at the shop you chose

·        * your repairs could be delayed if you don’t use the shops on our list 

·        * you may be responsible for additional cost with your shop of choice


·       3: Where do I get a claim number?
Your insurance company will issue you a claim number at the time you report your accident. Make sure you bring it in with you when you come in to begin the repair process, and our collision team will do the rest.

·       4: Can I get a ride home when I drop off my car?
Yes, the Hayes Body Shop provides complimentary pickup and drop off service to anywhere locally or in town. It is important to us that each customer has a positive visit, and this service is one way we try to achieve that goal.

·       5: How can I get a rental car?
If you need a rental car, we can arrange that for you through Enterprise or rent you one of our vehicles for $25 per day.

·       6: Can you match the factory paint color?
As long as the paint on your vehicle is a factory color, we guarantee that the factory color will be matched.

·       7: Is there a warranty on the repairs to my vehicle?
Yes, the Hayes Body Shop provides a guarantee on all repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.

·       8: Do I have to pay a deductible?
The amount of deductible that you will be responsible for is determined by your insurance policy. Please check your insurance policy or call your agent.

·       9: To whom do I pay my deductible?
If you aren't sure about your deductible, we recommend that you call your agent. They can tell you how much your deductible is, whether your insurance company has waived your deductible, or whether it will be your responsibility to pay the deductible when you pick up your vehicle.

·       10: What forms of payment do you accept?
The Hayes Body Shop accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.