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Why Hayes Jeep?

·       We’ve been family-owned and in business in Kalamazoo for nearly 100 years!  The family’s 4th generation great granddaughters are at the store every day continuing to operate a business that earns customers for life.  We don’t want to sell you one vehicle – we want to be your go-to friends for your transportation needs for years to come!


·       Relax!  We are not high pressure.  We are consultants and are here to offer you options – not pressure!

·       Clear pricing, no games

·       We offer thoroughly inspected and corrected pre-owned vehicles  - we invest in them before they hit our lot so you can feel comfortable that you are purchasing the highest quality pre-owned car or truck available.

·       Complimentary delivery in Michigan and into much of Indiana, Illinois and Ohio!

·       Don’t see what you want on our lot?  We will happily conduct a quick search (free of charge, of course) using our factory locator in order to find the exact vehicle you are looking for!

·       Referral Program – send us a referral and if they purchase from us, we’ll send you a thank you check!   Just fill out our referral form prior to the person you are referring coming in to see us

·       We buy trades!  If you want to sell your vehicle outright without purchasing something new, we’d love to give you an offer on your vehicle.